Oh! There She is,
Wherever She is, She's my Ideal,  
Her Head held high, to touch the sky;
Flying on air She is,  
Oh! There She is,  Miss America!
Increasing debt, to solve  economical problems
is like increasing ones intake of food by 10 times to lose weight,
and be slim.      
Illogical      to the degree of being
criminal, & stupid.  
Stop insulting our intelligence,
I am more intelligent than to believe one who makes such remarks,
or believes such  CON MAN TACTICS,
and so are most Americans,  HUSSEIN OBAMA!
B. Hussein Obama  don't you continuously blame others for your actions,
for the most part, Republicans, & Bush.  Haven't you created a jobless country?  
Aren't you aware people are hungry, because they do not have a job.
If you do have the knowledge to create jobs, and are refusing to do it,
one would have to believe you are simply trying
to destroy, U.S. Is this your goal?   
Place the blame where it belongs, on your shoulders!  IF you do not have
enough insight, to restore our country, that you have almost destroyed ,
Have you created any worthwhile jobs? Are you conspiring with  Muslim
Countries, such as Iran? OR are you just STUPID, one whom is very
dull of mind, pinheaded (lacking intelligence) , & lack of ability to
absorb ideas?  Perhaps you can share with us the American people , what your
problem is?  
We Americans always try to help!
If you are genuinely interested in helping this country, listen & learn from those
that are knowledgeable on the subject.
ASK  if you do not know, somewhere in this
Country someone will know.
Obama all you had to do was ask!
Some 2 million Americans lost their jobs shortly before YOU,  Obama
took office, but make no mistake, they lost them precisely because of what
you were  about to do. And to argue against that is to demonstrate
colossal ignorance
What a business owner's  first priority is, which is to see around the
corner  and prepare one's business for what is coming.  It is called
and if a business owner does not have this  he will only be in business
for a short period of time.
Business owners saw
Obama coming. They saw Pelosi's and Reid's
increased power coming, too.
They feared that unprincipled trio  
so much that they fired about 2 million people between
Election Day 2008 and the inauguration on, Jan. 20 . They were too scared
to wait until Obama was actually sworn in.

President Obama is expected to propose at least $300 billion in federal
spending and tax cuts to get Americans working again, including several
items already suggested -- like a payroll tax cut extension through 2012
that would be worth about $110 billion.
$40 billion job training program?
OH!  YES, let's give them more training so they can stand beside
those people in line, with Ph.D,'s to get a job.   If this is genius level I would
hate to be overwhelmed with stupidity!  WOW!  Some people have a lot to
learn and  some never learn.  
OR, all drafts of law you present to the People, or for legislature enactment,
indicates you are trying to destroy our country as we know it.
We do not like it, we do not want it, and we do not want you as our President!
If my great grandfather were alive you would be dead.

When this type of behavior happens repeatedly and one continuously blames
others  it is most often, a psychological problem because one lacks enough
self esteem & self confidence  to take responsibilities for ones own actions.  
Unable to accept the fact they are wrong, because of much criticism,
to which they were subjected  as a small child, created by dysfunctional
parents/parent, then  when criticized as adults, they will rebel
against any criticism.  Revenge overpowers their reasoning and they begin their
act of revenge on whomever has disagreed with their plan of action. This interferes
with a person  ever learning how to overcome their problem, and can
never be cured as long  as one is in denial.  If one can not understand they have a
problem one will never try to cure it, it must be accepted by one self  first,
before it will be cured.   
A President must have sufficient knowledge  
to administer, execute and supervise the affairs encountered
each day.  One must not try to inflict pain, on another because one has
done or said something that he does not like.   Revenge is petty, and
will destroy
you, not the person with whom you are angry or disagree?  
It also interferes with ones thinking processes, interrupts ones train of thought
and, creates failure to accomplish,  mental instability, and  incompetency.
One is unsuitable to perform a particular task, lacking sufficient knowledge,
skills, or abilities, it creates frustration and confusion, all, destroy one's performance.

DENY, DENY, DENY, and LIES, LIES and more LIES,  a few listed below:  

I have been told, if one will lie one will steal, I have found this to be  
factual.  It is your mistakes &
inabilities for lack of knowledge as how
to create jobs, and restore the economy
isn't it?  You have completely rejected those that have the  business knowledge,
and tried to tell you what to do, but you refused.  Everything that you do points to
destruction of our country, not your country, because you are Muslim.  Have you ever
applied for a citizenship?Didn't you use cocaine at one time in your life?  
This does destroy brain cells.  Could this be your problem? Are you still using
illegal drugs,?  If so,this may be the answer to being
incapable of performing your daily duties?

AND if the United States has a problem we should conquer it, or rid ourselves
of it in some manner, don't you American people agree?
When a country's people become, liars, thieves, dependent on welfare for support,
drug addicts, prostitutes, illegal aliens allowed with out laws enforced, and a President
whom we are not certain WHAT or WHO HE IS, has some serious problems and must
be corrected immediately or we  will be destroyed.
If anyone continuously lies,
Just a few of Obamas lies and broken promises

Obama has broken his promises about almost everything he had promised in his
campaign speeches; a person of this type can not be trusted and whatever he says in the
future is most likely a lie.
For a new era of bipartisan cooperation in all matters.
To cut spending.  
To put all bills on the White House web site for five days before signing them.
To have the congressional health care negotiations broadcast live on C-SPAN.
To end earmarks.
To not force Americans to buy health insurance.
To keep unemployment from rising above 8 percent.
To close the detention center at Guantanomo in the first year.
To make peace with direct, no precondition talks with America‘s most hate-filled
enemies during his first year in office, ushering in a new era of global cooperation.
To never allow Iran the ability to create nuclear weapons.
To end the hiring of former lobbyists into high White House jobs.
That 90% of the stimulus jobs created would be in the private sector.
That  if you like their current health plan you can keep it.
To end no-compete contracts with the government.
To disclose the names of all attendees at closed White House meetings.
US Congressional Democrats trash the Global economy (again)…
There are 100's of lies in addition to these, perhaps even 1000's more he HAS TOLD

US Congressional Democrats trash the Global economy (again)…

The US democrats have trashed the global economy twice in 3 yrs! First it was the
2008 crash that could have been prevented had congress passed a bill
to regulate credit default swaps (the democrats blocked it),
and second the Obama/Democrats $5 trillion 2.5yr spending spree with
no budget yet during the Obama presidency, coupled with the
democrats killing a debt ceiling bill (cut cap balance) that
would have satisfied the credit rating agencies!
The entire world has the US government democrats to thank for
2 global economic crashes!  
 The democrat responseblame 51 members
in the house of representatives known as the tea party (which is only 12% of the house).  This
level of intelligence we do not need in Washington, D.C.  VOTE IT OUT!
The same people that helped pass the cut  cap balance bill that
could have prevented the downgrade. Obama never offered a plan,
the democrats refused spending cuts until the very last moment,
despite credit rating agencies calling for significant US spending cuts!
The only thing the republicans had to do was sit and wait for the senate
to debate/pass the CCB bill, but they gave in and settled for a inadequate
substitute of a debt bill. The tea party resisted the substitute bill because
they knew the rating agencies would not respond favorably! The tea party was right!
This whole thing is 100% democrat fault! Good job liberals,
you proceeded ineffectively, an through clumsiness, just so you could spend more!
Well done Obama, you spent more than any other president in history,
and you did it in record time!
Fundamentally transforming America into a welfare state
America is a REPUBLIC!
America *was* a democratic republic, with the majority of power at the state level.
When America operated as such, this country was prosperous!
Now that the federal government has gotten so huge, it bullies the states,
and America operates more like a standard democracy…. this country is in chaos!
The democrats have hi-jacked the government and turned it into a bloated monster that
eats money, and is always hungry! They are converting a republic, into a socialist
democracy… which is destroying our future!
History shows the lifespan of a typical democracy before it commits economic suicide is between
200-250yrs…. isn't America about 235 yrs old now?
America needs to go back to constitutional “republic” standards, or this country WILL fail!
Obama & Socialist Party
Obama File 41,  Obama Was a New Party Member-Documentary Evidence
Obama File 40 here
This post it everywhere journalists, who care about the future of their country more than their
There have been previously postings about Barack Obama’s involvement in the socialist led
Illinois New Party.

They proves that Barack Obama was a member of the Illinois New Party (communist) and was
endorsed by them in his 1996 Illinois State Senate race.
Two More Obama Lies                       
Just to refresh your memory
July 15, 2011  by wood

In a single sentence, "President Barack Obama told two lies.
Before I get into the main topic today, let me say by way of introduction: I hope every
single representative who votes to raise the U.S. debt ceiling has to find a new job
next November.I don’t care what kind of pressure he or she faces; I don’t care how
many more lies the Administration and its henchmen tell; I don’t care how
spineless, wimpish, weak & ineffectual the Republican leadership becomes. For this November’s
elections, I propose the simplest test in U.S. history: If you vote to burden my
children and my children’s children with more debt, then I want you out of office. Period.

. I’ve mentioned before how careless our President can be about getting his facts straight.
Earlier this year, he told a BIG ONE about a Supreme Court decision in his
State of the Union address. And he did it with four of the justices sitting right
in front of him.  Go on line to read that one, in case you’ve forgotten the dirty details.
The most recent one came as he was urging negotiators from the two parties to work
out a compromise on the nation’s debt. The spending champ got two facts wrong
in a single sentence. Here’s what he said:
“Everybody acknowledged that we have to get this done before the hard deadline of August 2nd, to
make sure America does not default for the first time on its obligations.”
The last part of that statement is just flat-out wrong. It is not true that the United States
has never defaulted on its debt. Actually, as anyone familiar with our financial history
knows, the government has officially defaulted on its obligations at least twice. And it
continues to do so today.  During the Civil War, the Union issued a flood of paper
money to help pay its bills. The Treasury promised to convert these “greenbacks,”
as the currency was called, into gold at war’s end. However, the government
reneged on this promise. In fact, it passed something called the Legal Tender Act,
requiring people to accept greenbacks at face value. It revoked a promise that
holders could exchange them for gold-backed Treasury bonds.  The scheme worked
so well that Franklin Roosevelt did even more 70 years later. FDR made
the ownership of gold illegal in the U.S. in 1933. Citizens were ordered to
surrender any gold coins they owned.
At the same time, the promise on our currency that it was “in gold coin payable
to the bearer on demand” was repudiated. Gold certificates could be exchanged
solely for more paper. It was one of the biggest thefts from its citizens our government ever
perpetrated… until now.
Despite the worries of some of our more alarmed contemporaries, gold confiscation
is unlikely to happen again in this country. For one reason, the government
doesn’t need to seize our gold to create a mountain of new money. Since there is
not a single gram of gold backing any of our currency, there is simply no limit
on the amount of fiat currency the Federal Reserve can create.
The process isn’t new. Famed British economist and big-government enthusiast
John Maynard Keynes understood it very well when he wrote,
“By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an
important part of the wealth of their citizens.”
If the government promises you a dollar, it should pay you a dollar, right? But under the tax-and-tax,
spend-and-spend policies of the past 50 years, the “dollar” Uncle Sam pays you isn’t worth 100
cents. Its purchasing power has fallen so far since FDR’s day that it takes 10 or 20 “dollars” to
purchase what a dollar used to buy.This steady and deliberate inflation of our currency
is the most deceptive, most deadly and most despicable form of devaluation.
So don’t tell me the U.S. has never and will never default on our debt, Mr. President.
It’s simply
not true, if it is not true, it must be a lie.
Now, what about our Chief’s insistence that if we don’t raise the debt ceiling,
we won’t be able to pay our bills?
Turns out this one is just as false as the first part of Obama’s statement.

Keep in mind even without new borrowing,  money continues to pour into the U.S. Treasury
every day. If the debt ceiling isn’t raised, do you expect that no more money will be
withheld from your paycheck? Of course not.
Not a single business will stop paying its taxes, either. Tariffs will still be collected.
And billions of dollars will continue to arrive in Washington every week.
Will it be enough to pay the interest on our national debt? Ladies and gentlemen, it
will be far more than enough.
Here are the hard facts that Barack Obama
hopes you will never learn.
Yes, interest payments on our debt cost a bundle. According to The Wall Street Journal, the U.S.
currently spends $200 billion per year just to pay interest on its debt. But the interest payments
represent only a small percentage of all Federal expenditures. Uncle Sam receives several times that
amount in tax revenue.
Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) has stated emphatically: “If Congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling,
the Federal government will still have far more than enough money to fully service our debt.” So he’s
proposed a new law that would require the Treasury to make interest payments on our debt its first
priority."With one simple piece of legislation, the problem is solved.
So let us hear no more about the United States not paying its debts.
As I said above, the single most important decision Congress will make this year is whether
to raise the debt ceiling. I hope you will insist that your Congressman adheres the line here. If the
House won’t give in, we will win this battle. And you’d better believe all the big-spenders,
DEMOCRATS  in Washington know this. That’s why they’re getting so frantic.
There is a lot more to be said in the coming weeks about other aspects of this
issue such as how we can get our obese government to live within its means.
It’s up to us to make sure our representatives don’t give in on this one.
Don’t let them give in an inch.
I think by now everyone who is halfway honest and has an IQ above 32 realizes that the claim that
the U.S. will default its debt if the debt ceiling isn’t raised by Aug. 2 is just another shameless
Democratic canard.(a false story, you know another, DEMOCRATIC LIE)
Thanks to cable TV, talk radio and the Internet, the facts are well known:
First, while the exact amounts vary from month to month, the government brings in, on average, about
$200 billion a month from (mostly unwilling) taxpayers and pays out, on average, about $20 billion in
monthly interest charges. That’s a tenfold coverage.
Second, Social Security and Medicare, at least right now, are easily covered by government
revenues each month. There’s no nice way to say it: Barack Obama has been blatantly lying about
Social Security and Medicare payments being in jeopardy, as has the rest of the Democratic
leadership.  Third, there would also be enough money available to meet our current
military obligations (though we need a good debate about how much military we really
need in order to defend our country).
Fourth, everything that’s left (about 30 percent of scheduled expenditures) can be prioritized,
with the only question being who should make the decisions as to what goes at the top of
the list and what goes at the bottom. Not doable, says  Timothy Geithner.   He
insists that prioritizing government payments won’t work because it would “spur deep
cuts in other disbursements and still cause investors to shun U.S. Treasury securities.”
No question about it, it definitely would cause deep cuts in other disbursements, but that’s a good
thing.  It’s a forced solution to government’s spending addiction. And the notion that
cutting spending would cause investors to stop buying U.S. Treasuries is questionable,
at best. On the contrary, the rest of the civilized world has made it clear that it is
gravely concerned about rapidly increasing U.S. spending and debt.  Continued out-of-control
spending is far more likely to cause investors to pull their money out of U.S. Treasuries
than a fantasy default. Geithner, who was wrong on the Troubled Asset Relief Program
even though TARP was his predecessor’s creation, wrong on the “stimulus,” and wrong
on his own taxes, said: “Ultimately, the notion of ‘prioritizing’ payments is futile
because the debt limit must be increased regardless of which spending path is adopted.
There is no credible budget plan under which a debt-limit increase can be avoided.”
Wrong again, Timmy. There most certainly is a creditable budget plan to avoid raising the
debt ceiling. It’s called: Cut spending. That’s right, just cut spending enough, and you don’t
have to raise the debt ceiling one dime.  And once that’s accomplished, a new House,
Senate and President in 2013 could start making serious cuts in the budget, with the
litmus test being whether a given program or expenditure is constitutional. Such a
litmus test would make it possible to dramatically reduce taxes, borrowing and
fiat-money creation.Geithner warns that because the United States now borrows
about 40 cents of every dollar it spends, prioritizing payments without raising the
debt ceiling would force the U.S. to cut 40 percent of all government expenditures. Darn.
And here I was hoping to see spending cuts more in the area of 80 percent of
current expenditures.
Finally, Geithner got to the heart of America’s impending financial doom when he said that such
spending cuts “would have painful implications for people in every walk of American life.” He
included military families, veterans and government employees — all commonly referred to by
politicians as voters.
The military families and veterans obligations can be whittled down over a period of time by closing
most of our 700 overseas military bases and staying out of nation-building wars. For a fraction of
current costs, we can bring our troops home and have them focus on defending our own porous
borders rather than bombing, then rebuilding, countries on the other side of the globe that have no
interest in establishing a democratic form of government.
As to government employees, do you know anyone who would be unhappy with getting rid of as
many “public servants” as possible?
Those who insist that not paying for programs and employees already on the books is just
as much of a default as not paying interest on the national debt are, in effect, saying:
“Even though we have to go deeper into debt to pay for these government programs, which
assures that default is only a matter of time, we have no choice because
we’ve already made those commitments to people.” What great logic.
Sorry, but if Congress passes unConstitutional legislation to implement unConstitutional programs, it
is not your obligation to pay for them. On the contrary, it is Congress’s duty to repeal all such
legislation, because, first and foremost, members of Congress made a commitment that trumps all
other commitments — the commitment to uphold the Constitution!  I’m feeling a bit lonely wondering
about how many other people even care about this little inconvenient truth.
But let’s get real here and face reality. The U.S. will ultimately default on its debt obligations
regardless of what deal Congress strikes. Every halfway honest person with an IQ below 32
know this. All Democrats  are doing is playing politics in an effort to prolong the inevitable so our
children and grandchildren will be left holding the bag of hyper-inflated currency when the U.S. does
finally default on its debt. Lots of luck, kids.
Our problem is not how to deal with the debt ceiling. It’s much bigger than that. Our real, underlying
problem is that we have lost our moral compass.
"IF the Democrats will stop telling lies
about the Republicans, the Republicans
will stop telling the truth about them."
Everything that you are doing for jobs, economy, etc, is to direct
attention away from the real issue, so the Muslims can
overtake the world, and create destruction of our country!
Isn't this factual? Hussein Obama?