Psychiatrist for
the  abused child
Psychological Problems Created in Childhood
How child abuse and neglect damage the brain

At 3 one already has psychological scars of child abuse.  The communication skills
typical of a toddler half one's age. One will avoid eye contact, fidgets constantly, and
expresses  frustration by continuous crying.

Until recently, mental health clinicians could only speculate on the ways that abuse
and neglect damage a child's developing brain. But a series of ground-breaking studies
in Neuroscience conducted over the last decade are allowing researchers to pinpoint
the actual changes in children's brains caused by traumatic experience.

These new Neurobiological findings show that trauma -
physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect, dramatically affect both the structure and
chemistry of the developing brain, thus causing the behavioral and learning problems
that plague about three-quarters 75% (10 years ago) but now it is closer to
90% of the children mired in the child welfare system.
But the good news is that these brain changes aren't necessarily permanent. In fact,
timely interventions can help rewire the brain and put psychological development
back on track. As Department of Social Services Commissioner Harry Spence put it:
''Neuroscience has helped to clarify our mission. We must do more than just protect
children after the brain damage has been done, we must also provide a loving
environment because they are fundamental to healing on a psychological as well as
physiological level.  ''Dr. Martin Teicher, an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard
and director of the Biopsychiatry Research Program at McLean Hospital in Belmont,
has been at the forefront of this new line of research.  In one of the first major studies
in the field published in The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences
in 1993, he linked abuse to brain wave abnormalities. Reviewing the records of
115 consecutive admissions to a child and adolescent psychiatric hospital.
Teicher found brain wave abnormalities in 54 percent of patients with an abuse
history, but in only 27 percent of non abused patients. Seventy two (now about 92)
percent of the patients in the sample with a history of both physical and
sexual abuse had these neurological abnormalities.  As a rule, Teicher said,
the greater the severity of the abuse, the greater the impact on brain function.
And the relationship of the perpetrator to the child also matters:
''Sex abuse by a family member is intensely
worse than abuse by a priest or a baby-sitter.''

Several studies now document that abuse damages key brain structures such as the
cortex, which is associated with rational thinking, and the hippocampus, which
helps process memories and emotions. Both brain regions are critical for learning.
In a study published in the same journal in 1998, Teicher and his colleagues used brain
scans to compare 15 child victims of severe abuse with 15 healthy volunteers.
The left cortex of the abused group was underdeveloped. Likewise, studies by Dr.
Douglas Bremner of Yale and Dr. Murray Stein of the University of California at San
Diego have found that the left
hippocampus is smaller in abused victims.

Abuse also damages the amygdala, A MIG DA LAE   the one of the four basal ganglia
in each cerebral hemisphere that is part of the limbic system and consists of an
almond-shaped mass of gray matter in the anterior extremity of the temporal lobe
called also amygdaloid nucleus,
an almond-shaped cluster of nuclei located in
the brain's emotional control center that enables us to respond quickly to danger,
to step out of the way of a swerving car. But repeated abuse causes the
amygdala to signal danger even when there is no apparent threat.
Dr. Bruce Perry, a Neuroscientist who heads the nonprofit research center, the Child
Trauma Academy in Houston, said: ''A maladaptive amygdala makes an abused child
recoil in fear at the drop of a hat.'' or if one raises a hand, not even near the child.  

This negative impact on developing brain structures is associated with changes in brain
chemistry. Overwhelming stress early in life also alters the production of both the
stress-regulating hormone
cortisol and key neurotransmitters such as;
epinephrine,(ep·e·nef·rin)      A hormone secreted by the adrenal medulla that is
released into the bloodstream in response to physical or mental stress,
as from fear or injury. It initiates many bodily responses, including the stimulation
of heart action and an increase in blood pressure, metabolic rate, and
blood glucose concentration.  Also called adrenaline

dopamine  do pe men  >  A monoamine neurotransmitter formed in the brain by
the decarboxylation of dopa and essential to the normal functioning of the central
nervous system.   A reduction in its concentration within the brain...
and serotonin, the chemical messengers in the brain that affect mood and behavior.

serotonin > An organic compound, C 10 H 12 N 2 O, formed from tryptophan l-tryptophan    
tryp-to-phane.  An essential amino acid, C11H12N2O2, formed from proteins during
digestion by the action of proteolytic enzymes. It is necessary for normal growth and
development and is the precursor of several substances, including serotonin and niacin.
Found in animal and human tissue, especially the brain, blood serum, and
gastric mucous membranes, and active as a neurotransmitter and...
melatonin, > a hormone derived from serotonin and produced by the pineal gland
that stimulates color change in the epidermis of amphibians and reptiles and plays
a role in sleep, aging, and reproduction in mammals.

These biochemical imbalances can have profound implications. For example, abuse
typically lowers serotonin levels, leading to depression and impulsive aggression.
I have found this applies to adults as well, especially physically abused women.

One of 12 treatment sites across the country recently selected to receive a grant under
a new federal program called the Child Traumatic Stress Initiative,the
Trauma Center educates schools and communities throughout northern
New England on state-of-the-art treatment methods for traumatized children.

Some Doctors & scientists are convinced that Prozac-type drugs, which affect the
neurotransmitter serotonin, can often improve a child's functioning or quality of life.


Never give anyone drugs, especially a child
.  It destroys the child's brain, if the brain can't  
function the body can't function, because the brain controls the body.
  One must go to the
underlying problems to cure any health issue, physical and mental, drugs are not a part of
any cure.  It is one's environment, proper diet and exercise.  
Drugs do not cure, they
 if drugs cured, we would be free of all diseases & health issues.

If medical doctors, scientists, and our Politicians could learn this, most diseases could be
cured naturally with very little expense.  Drugs are never the solution to the problem, they
are one of the main problems in our country, whether prescription or illegal.

''Positive experiences that contradict a traumatized child's negative expectations are critical to
helping the brain readjust itself. For example, just saying to a child that you are sorry the
event happened changes brain chemistry.''  

Interpersonal experiences such as psychotherapy can change neurobiology. For instance,
a child that was 5, right after her father had been sent to jail for sexually abusing her
and the family had relocated,  the child was prone to temper tantrums, and crying
for three hours a day.  'I hypothesized that the abuse, plus the stress of testifying
at her father's trial  had led to a cascade of chemical changes in her brain and body,''  
'Her amygdala couldn't stop firing.''

To stabilize a child one must find constructive ways to discharge overwhelming emotions.  
Running, walking, ''messy painting,''an activity involving splattering water colors on
paper, they feel as if they are destroying something as they have been destroyed,
this is why this activity helps.  Learning to play the piano or any musical instrument,
is excellent for the brain.  Good music soothes the soul and helps many mental
functions.  After about four months of weekly sessions, the child is usually much
calmer and can move from stabilization to memory processing, the next phase of
therapy.  The doctor believes that the therapy improved the circuitry in the child's
brain. Some studies do show that new experiences can actually regenerate brain cells.
I said this many years ago at a U in NYC, but the theory was too new to be accepted
and I was told how wrong (& stupid) I was by one of those genius professors.  This is
why dancing is good for the brain, deep concentration to learn new steps & new dances
as well as physical and mental activity, coordinated.  A ballet teacher in NYC told me this,
now, scientifically proven to be correct.

"National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine called
''From Neurons to
Neighborhoods: The Science of Early Childhood Development.''
Anyone with children I would
suggest reading and studying this, it will help you and your child.

Yet, the window for Psychobiological change never slams shut. The new Neuroscientific
findings have upended the deterministic view that brain development is essentially
over by age 3.  Although the most rapid period of brain growth occurs during early
childhood, the brain continues to change throughout adulthood. But the
more time that elapses between the abuse and the onset of treatment, the
more entrenched are the neurological abnormalities.  Adults overcoming the
biological effects of trauma, ''The brains of adult survivors are fragmented
and resemble a hard drive on a computer that has crashed.''

IT is rape and should be considered legally as such.  It has a greater mental affect if it is
done by a parent, grandparent with a female or male child, or sexual abuse from
relatives, mom's male friends, step fathers & other mentally ill people such as;
priests, family friends, and strangers.  This type of behavior creates severe
psychological  and behavioral problems, for children.
"Children cannot consent to
sexual activity with adults",
and this action should be condemned,  in strong terms:
"Any adult who engages in sexual activity with a child is performing a criminal and
immoral act which never can be considered normal or socially acceptable behavior."  
Simply put, it is
A wide range of psychological, emotional, physical, and social effects has been
attributed to child sexual abuse, including anxiety, depression, obsession,
compulsion, and grief. Complex post traumatic stress disorder, symptoms such as
flashbacks, emotional numbing, pseudo-maturity symptoms, and other more general
dysfunctions such as sexual dysfunction, social dysfunction, dysfunction of
relationships, poor education and not good employment records, eating disorders,
self-mutilation, and a range of physical symptoms common to some other forms of
PTSD.;  Such as sensual numbness, & loss of appetite.  Additionally, young  girls
who are victims of abuse may encounter additional trauma by pregnancy and
birth complications.  Unfortunately there are many young girls impregnated
by their dads, many of these get abortions, and many have the child.  If a young girl
gets pregnant the mother should have a test done to determine who the baby's
father is, if it is the child's father she should put him in jail. Pregnancy after
childhood sexual abuse should be comprehensively researched, and the girl
should receive some Psychiatric help.  Men who rape children  are rarely
strangers, but relatives or acquaintances like trainers or playmates. Most
offenders are male the number of female perpetrators is reported to be
between 10% and 20%, however in some studies it was found to be as high
as 70%, it has grown higher now on average.  I have done some polls on this
subject and found that about 90% of all white  girls are sexually abused, and 95%
of Blacks & Mexicans.  One reason, drug and alcohol use is higher (not much)
with Blacks & Mexicans.  I did not find one Muslim girl that had not been
sexually abused, by her dad.  
Herman-Giddens et al.found six certain and six probable cases of death due
to child sexual abuse in N.C. between 1985 and 1994. Depending on the age and
size of the child, and the degree of force used, child sexual abuse may cause
internal lacerations and bleeding. In severe cases, damage to internal organs
occur, which, in some cases, may cause death.  Victims range in age from
2 months to 10 years.
Causes of death includes trauma to the genitalia or rectum and sexual mutilation.

Males that have been raped find it more difficult to discuss the problem than females
and withdrawal is more profound, therefore it is more complicated and difficult
to help a male it creates massive psychological  problems for them, they tuck it
away in their Sub Conscious and hold on to it.   They are so ashamed it has
happened, and blame themselves more so than females, which makes it harder
to cure or help the problem.  If a person has been sexually abused they will abuse
their child/children 99% of the time.  This is an ongoing problem and
somehow it must be stopped, it is running rampant  at an excessive rate
throughout the world.  I place some of the responsibility on the Mothers, I
personally know some mothers that refuse to believe the child when he/she
comes to her and tells her about the abuse.  The mother  even tells them they are
lying, which intensifies the problem.
The most difficult problem the child must over come is self blame, once again
especially a male.   Males from birth believe they should be in control, this is
unfortunately taught to all males.

It should not be called Sexual abuse it should be called, MURDER and RAPE
Sexual acts with a woman, man and/or child without consent, chiefly by force
or deception or both.  Many children because of rape die, a much higher
percentage than known. Think about the people whom are called sex offenders,
they kidnap and rape little girls and then kill them. If one rationalizes the behavior
of these men, it is of little difference, all of this type have very similar personalities.
The men who commit these heinous acts, can be a Doctor, Lawyer, trusted
neighbor, baby sitter, or even your Reverend or Priest,  sex offenders can be
anyone or anywhere.  Children that have been raped by a dad are so ashamed.
it is most difficult for a child to admit. If they discuss it with anyone they believe
it will destroy their own image, & the mother's life, in all ways, socially, financially
and mentally. I have seen many cases, some commit suicide rather than
admit the truth about their dads.  

Problems created by a father RAPING his own child & if he rapes his daughter he will
definitely rape his granddaughter, is a permanent problem, and is rarely overcome
psychologically.  Most sexually abused children, as they grow into adults turn to
alcohol, drugs or sexual abuse to others to suppress, & to escape their thoughts,
and emotions. The victim is intimidated & controlled by the perpetrator or rapist
forever. It is so confusing to the victim because the so called protector, the father,
has contradicted all things the child was taught from birth.   He is suppose to
protect and love the child but he has removed the child's personal rights &
freedoms.   He has destroyed the father-daughter love, father-son love, an made
it a sexual relationship between man and woman or man & son, regardless of the
age of the children, it changes a child"s  whole perspective on life and the future.
Anger in most sexually abused people is uncontrollable, because the conscious
mind reverts back to the physical & mental abuse which happened to them
and they use the victim at hand to get revenge & inflict harm and injury as was
inflicted upon them, they sometimes kill them.  In most cases the rapist
is usually and alcoholic and/or drug addict. So women get those drunks out
of your life and get out of denial, and take care of your children or do not
have them.  
The severe abuse, to which children are subjected is almost
beyond one's comprehension, this includes physical and mental other
than sexual.  Be kind to those little darlings they are wonderful, and you
are all they have in the world to love and protect them, or they will
become criminals and rapists themselves.

If you are beating them you are not disciplining or protecting them, you are destroying
them.How can a child feel loved if they are beaten. If one hits you every day with his
fist, in the head, stomach, back,etc would you think he loved you?   NO!  One never
hits anything that they love.  A child should be taught by example, hitting
teaches violence, not love.
THINK of how hard a man can hit, &  compare a man's strength or even a
woman's, to the size of a child, and the  impact it has on a child, this
affects a child mentally & physically, forever.
Self-defeating Behavior

Is the idea that sometimes people knowingly do things that will cause themselves to
fail or bring them trouble.  It is defined as “any deliberate or intentional behavior
that has clear, definitely or probably negative effects on the self or on oneself’s
projects.  Self defeating behaviors are especially common when people feel
that others view them less favorably than one desires.

Many theories as to why humans sometimes behave in self destructive ways have
been examined by many psychologists. One proposed theory self hatred, caused
by abuse, and mainly sexual abuse.   When sexual abuse occurs by a parent with
a girl she feels that every girl is better than she is, because they feel they are
the only girl in the world that has been sexually abused by their dads.  I have
found that little boys abused by priest have similar personalities.

They feel too ashamed, isolated and scared, and severely threatened if they tell
anyone what has happened.  The same applies to a male child, they suffer  
sometimes greater  trauma than females when sexual abuse occurs, it
completely destroys self-esteem. There are two psychological needs that
lead humans to conform to the expectations of others. These include one's
need to be right.  (informational social influence), and our need to be liked
(normative social influence).  Informational influence (or social proof) is an
influence to accept information from another as evidence about reality.
Informational influence comes into play when people are uncertain about a matter.
In order to get our country on the right track, our intellectual and mental competency
level must take priority.  What did Ted Kennedy accomplish or do to make the
country a better place in which to live?  Wasn't he drunk  at all times?  A waste of
taxpayer dollar.  One is unable to function mentally if they are drinking alcohol and
using drugs.  WE have a few more good examples in DC at present, which needs to
be removed, along with the criminals,
get them out, NOW.
What is RAGE from Feeling Abandonment

Rage is a raw and primitive form of anger as a response to
intellectual, physical, or emotional abandonment.
Of course, suicide can also have the component of a desire to "silence the rage."
Drugs, alcohol, and sexuality are usually the choice used to “silence the rage."
But none of these attempts to distract ones attention from rage, can ever
be successful, in fact they further destroy the brain & one's life.
If something interferes with one's thinking processes ones mental disorder can not
be cured, it is absolutely necessary to
find the underlying problem before one's      
mental health is restored.
 If a child is crying, ignoring it and walking away won’t
silence the crying, IT TURNS IT INWARD.  The only way to soothe a child is to
pick it up, hold& love it and find out what the child needs, precisely what  
most uncaring parents don’t bother to do.

If you have problems with borderline symptomatolog, a branch of medical dealing with
symptoms,   if you look closely,you will see that all of your interpersonal difficulties
in both the past and the present were,and are, based in feelings of rage as a result
of being, or feeling, unnoticed and emotionally abandoned. You will find that your
whole being is given over,consciously or subconsciously, to inflicting hurtful
revenge on the world around you for neglecting your emotional and physical needs.

When you were a child, your father abandoned you emotionally, & physically.  Maybe
your mother abandoned you as well.  And to cope with that pain, you protected
yourself by pushing them away. You found your revenge on them by becoming
emotionally closed off; you hid your true feelings from them, and you acted
out in disobedience to hurt them.  This behavior goes with you as you grow
older, the rage continues.  Whenever others offend you, you become enraged
and you push them away,  just as your parents pushed you away.  Everyone
who offends you, you push away, then,you look around and feel completely
alone but yet, you did it all to yourself because the parents did it to you almost
from the time you were born.  They taught you, by example, to hide your
true feelings by rejection of anything or anyone who disagreed with your thoughts.

When children have to cope with dysfunctional parents—especially when the mother is
demanding and the father/mother is absent physically, emotionally or both they learn
to suppress their own needs and capitulate to the needs of the parents. Essentially,
the children learn that hiding their true thoughts and feelings is the surest way to
survive, hoping normality will develop, it never does with dysfunctional parents.

Eventually, the child will carry this emotional hiding right into adulthood, where it will
cause frustrating difficulties in interpersonal relationships. Always holding back
your true thoughts and feelings, you will feel constantly misunderstood. Then
something odd happens. Blind to your own psychological defenses, and
unable to see your role in the communication difficulties, you will blame
others for everything. “It’s your fault!” You will always be at odds with others
because, in blaming them, you fail to see that you are unconsciously speaking
the angry words,
“It’s your fault!”  You feared so deeply to say to your own
parents.  How can there ever be healing when those words “It’s your fault!”are
constantly on your lips? Isn't this why, George Bush, Republicans,The Tea Party,
Republican Representatives, & Senators, were and are blamed,  by OBAMA.
One is unable to place the blame on their own shoulders because it is simply too painful to
have to relive even a few minutes of one's pain inflicted childhood.

One who has a poorly balanced personality and does not feel guilty about "not" living
up to normal moral and social responsibilities, will lie, time & time again, to gain
the trust of their victim.
The United States is a victim. Their
lack of empathy and guilt allows them to lie with impunity; they do not see
the value of telling the truth unless it will help get them what they want.  
Some psychopaths enjoy a challenge while others
prey on people who are vulnerable.
During the assessment phase, the psychopath is able to determine
a potential victim & one's weak points and will use those weak points to persuade
disloyalty, to anything that fits their needs, manipulation & control.   Psychopaths
are opportunistic, aggressive predators who will take advantage of almost
anyone they meet, if it fulfills their needs.
Psychopaths are always on the lookout for individuals to scam or swindle.  They are
genuine, layman's terms, CON MEN, & CRIMINALS  not very honorable people.

Get alcohol out of your life, or it will destroy your life & happiness.  It destroys more
marriages than any other single thing, alcohol makes  men/women become
abusive because when one drinks alcohol, it causes poor judgement,
depresses inhibitions.
 Leading one to become more talkative and more confident,
saying words they would not normally express and regretting later.  Expectations
of self become very high but  far exceeds their capabilities of achieving if alcohol is
in the body & brain.

Have you ever seen a man drunk that did not believe he is the best driver  or most
important person in the world?  They go into their fantasy world and visualize many
unrealistic things, as alcoholics.

Further more if one is unable to find anything constructive to do other than go
into a bar and drink alcohol they are very limited of brain, abilities, and thinking.  
There are many physical activities one can do, such as; walking, running, golf,
tennis, surfing, skiing, water & snow, dancing or any sport one may like and
enjoy.  Physical activity will help curb the body's demand for alcohol,
depending on their tolerance level, and help rid oneself of that ugly belly
overhanging ones belt.  The fat and flab shake like a bowl of jelly, never
let your body get in a condition that it shakes, rattles & rolls.

Alcohol dries the skin, breaks down muscle, this is worse for women than
men,  and  makes one look 20 years older than their chronological years.

How Alcohol Enters the Body
Before describing the affects of alcohol on the body, you should know how alcohol
enters the body and what it does when it gets there. After alcohol is ingested, it
reaches the stomach where about 20% of the alcohol absorbs into the blood
stream, through small blood vessels. The remaining 80% of the alcohol
continues to the small intestine and is absorbed there into the blood stream.
The alcohol flows through the blood stream and is metabolized by the liver,
where the alcohol is broken down by enzymes. The liver can, on average,
metabolize about one standard drink one 12 ounce bottle of beer, one 4
ounce glass of wine or 1.5 ounces of 40% alcohol in one hour. Alcohol
consumed in addition to these amounts can generally not be processed
by the liver. When this happens, your blood becomes saturated and
the additional alcohol makes its way to your body tissues and blood
stream, until your liver can process the excess alcohol.
BAC,  blood alcohol concentration,  percentage of alcohol in bloodstream

How Alcohol Affects Your Body
When consumed in large amounts over a prolonged period of time, alcohol can harm
virtually every part of your body. Many of the effects are reversible if alcohol
consumption is subsequently controlled - other effects are permanent.

Alcohol and the Blood:
Extended alcohol abuse can cause blood conditions including several forms of
anemia and blood clotting abnormalities. These conditions could result in
susceptibility to bleeding and bruising. Prolonged alcohol use can also impair
white blood cell function and thus makes the abuser more likely to become
infected.  At intoxicating levels, alcohol is a vasodilator  (it causes blood
vessels to relax and widen),  but at even higher levels,  it becomes a
vasoconstrictor, shrinking the vessels and increasing blood pressure,
exacerbating such conditions as migraine headaches and frostbite.

Alcohol and the Esophagus:
Half the cancers in the esophagus, larynx and mouth are linked to alcohol.
Additionally, intense vomiting from excessive drinking can tear the esophagus.

Alcohol and the Heart:
Excessive and prolonged alcohol consumption can cause contribute to conditions
such as high blood pressure, heart disease and heart failure. Social drinkers who
binge can get irregular heartbeats from their alcoholic habits. At intoxicating levels,
alcohol is a vasodilator  (it causes blood vessels to relax and widen), but at even
higher levels, it becomes a vasoconstrictor, shrinking the vessels and increasing
blood pressure, exacerbating such conditions as migraine headaches and frostbite.

Alcohol and the Joints and Muscles:
Osteoporosis and  some forms of arthritis can be advanced by alcohol abuse. Further,
alcohol can lead to muscle atrophy, which can cause sharp muscle pain and

Alcohol and the Kidneys:
Prolonged heavy drinking can cause kidney failure. The primary functions of kidneys are to
regulate the composition and volume of the fluids and electrolytes circulating through the
body. The kidneys regulate water, acid/base balance, certain hormones and minerals
(calcium, potassium, sodium, etc.) in the body. Alcohol can influence or compromise the
balancing functions of the kidneys, and thus can cause severe consequences on kidney
function and thus the body
By inhibiting the pituitary secretion of anti-diuretic hormone (ADH), alcohol also affects
urine excretion. ADH acts on the kidney to reabsorb water, so when it is inhibited, ADH
levels drop, the kidneys don't reabsorb as much water and the kidneys produce more urine

Alcohol and the Liver:
Cirrhosis is a buildup of scar tissue that changes the structure of the liver and blocks blood
flow. Cirrhosis can be caused by alcoholic hepatitis, which is, of course, caused by over
drinking. Cirrhosis can cause varicose veins, which can rupture and potentially triggering
internal bleeding.

Alcohol and the Lungs:
Heavy drinkers are more susceptible to pneumonia and lung collapse, and also have
more pulmonary infections.

Alcohol and the Pancreas:
Alcohol can reduce the amount of digestive enzymes secreted by the pancreas,
thereby inflaming and leaking digestive enzymes, which subsequently attack the
pancreas itself.

Alcohol and the Reproductive System:
Because of alcohol's affects on the brain and alcohol's effects on the kidneys, hormonal
production is affected. In men, this could mean that the production of sperm and
testosterone are affected, and that can lead to impotence and/or infertility. In
women, estrogen metabolism in the liver can be decreased, which boost estrogen
levels in the body. These changes can contribute to menstrual irregularities
and potentially infertility.

Alcohol and the Small intestines:
Alcohol can damage the cells lining the stomach and intestines, which can block the
absorption and breakdown of nutrients in those organs.

Alcohol and the Stomach:
Alcohol can irritate the stomach to the point of inducing gastritis (inflammation of the
stomach lining), ulcers and acid reflux. Prolonged exposure to alcohol can erode the
stomach lining and cause chronic blood seepage into the stomach. If the individual is
particularly unlucky, a vessel can rupture and cause major bleeding.

General Effects of Alcohol on the Brain
Alcohol can affect several parts of the brain, but in general, alcohol contracts brain
tissue and depresses the central nervous system. Also, alcohol destroys brain cells
and unlike many other types of cells in the body, brain cells do not regenerate, if
destroyed by drugs & alcohol.  
Excessive drinking over a prolonged period of
time can cause serious problems with cognition and memory, studied & proven.
When alcohol reaches the brain, it interferes with communication between
nerve cells, by interacting with the receptors on some cells. The alcohol
suppresses excitatory nerve pathway activity and increases inhibitory nerve
pathway activity. Among other actions, alcohol enhances the effects of the
inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. The GABA receptors are a class of receptors that
respond to the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid ( GABA), the chief
inhibitory neurotransmitter in the vertebrate ...

Enhancing an inhibitor has the effect of
making a person sluggish.   Also, alcohol weakens the excitatory
neurotransmitter glutamine, which enhances the sluggishness even farther.

Chemical Effects of Alcohol on the Brain
To understand how alcohol interferes with brain function, it is necessary to know
a little bit about normal brain function. The brain is the control center of the
body,   it controls all the systems in your body including your muscular system,
respiratory system and digestive system. But how does the brain control these
functions? It does so by using a series of chemical, electrical and physical signals
from cell to cell. Within the cell, electrical signals are used for transmission, but
between cells, chemical signals are used - these chemical signals are called
neurotransmitters.   The gap between cells where neurotransmitters are active is
called the synapse. The expelled neurotransmitter travels across the synapse and
binds to a protein on the receiving cell membrane called a receptor, which is
specific for that neurotransmitter. This action causes some change in the
receiving cell, either chemical, electrical or physical, which can excite the
receiving cell to perform an action or inhibit the receiving cell from
performing an action.   When alcohol is introduced to the synapse, the
normal neurotransmission may be affected.

General Effects of Alcohol on the Brain
Alcohol can affect several parts of the brain, but in general, alcohol contracts brain
tissue and depresses the central nervous system. Also,
alcohol destroys brain cells
and unlike many other types of cells in the body, brain cells destroyed by alcohol &
some other drugs,  do not regenerate. Excessive drinking over a prolonged period of
time can cause serious problems with cognition and memory.
When alcohol reaches the brain, it interferes with communication between nerve
cells, by interacting with the receptors on some cells. The alcohol suppresses
excitatory nerve pathway activity and increases inhibitory nerve pathway activity.
Among other actions, alcohol enhances the effects of the inhibitory neurotransmitter
GABA. Enhancing an inhibitor has the effect of making a person sluggish. Also,
alcohol weakens the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamine, which enhances the
sluggishness even farther.
It diminishes the quality of sleep. Individuals with sleep apnea often experience longer
and more severe apneic episodes and hypoxia. The brain, which is the body's single
largest consumer of oxygen. Although the brain represents only about 2% of the
body's weight, it utilizes about 20% of the body's oxygen. As a result, the brain is
especially sensitive to hypoxia,  or oxygen deprivation, after drinking alcohol.

Effects of Alcohol on Brain Parts
Alcohol affects different parts of the brain in different ways.

The Cerebral Cortex and Alcohol | The Limbic System and Alcohol | The Cerebellum
and Alcohol | The Hypothalamus, Pituitary Gland and Alcohol | The Medulla and

The Cerebral Cortex and Alcohol
The cerebral cortex processes information from your senses, processes thoughts,
initiates the majority of voluntary muscle movements and has some control over
lower-order brain centers. In the cerebral cortex, alcohol can:
Affect thought processes, leading to potentially poor judgement.
Depresses inhibition, leading one to become more talkative and more confident.
Blunts the senses and increases the threshold for pain.  As the Blood Alcohol
Concentration increases, these effects get more pronounced.

The Limbic System and Alcohol
The limbic system, which consists of the hippocampus ~ An area buried deep in the
forebrain that helps regulate emotion and memory. Functionally, the hippocampus is
part of the olfactory cortex, that part of the cerebral cortex essential to the sense of
smell, and septal   (SEPTALA thin partition or membrane that divides two cavities or
soft masses of tissue in an organism: the nasal septum; the atrial septum of the heart..
Of or relating to a septum or septa)  area of the brain,
controls memory and emotions.
The affect of alcohol on this sytem is that the person may experience some memory
loss and may have exaggerated states of emotion.

The Cerebellum and Alcohol
The cerebellum coordinates muscle movement. The cerebral cortex initiates the
muscular movement by sending a signal through the medulla and spinal cord to the
muscles. As the nerve signals pass through the medulla, they are influenced by nerve
impulses from the cerebellum, which controls the fine movements, including those
necessary for balance. When alcohol affects the cerebellum, muscle movements
become uncoordinated.

The Hypothalamus, Pituitary Gland and Alcohol
The hypothalamus controls and influences many automatic functions of the brain
(through the medulla), and coordinates hormonal release (through the pituitary gland).
Alcohol depresses nerve centers in the hypothalamus that control sexual arousal and
performance. With increased alcohol consumption, sexual desire increases - but
sexual performance declines.  ADH (antidiuretic hormone)
A peptide molecule that is released by the pituitary gland at the base of the brain
after being made nearby in the hypothalamus

The Medulla and Alcohol
The medulla (brain stem) influences or controls body functions that occur
automatically, such as your heart rate, temperature and breathing. When alcohol
affects the medulla, a person will start to feel sleepy. Increased consumption can lead
to unconscious. Needless to say, alcohol's effect on the medulla can be fatal if it is

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The demand for the child to lie, after sexual abuse is so often & intense it becomes a
habit, and they lie even when they can tell the truth about anything.
I can usually identify  sexually abused females, their behavior and expressions are
different, especially posture, attitude & self esteem.
As a result, as they grow older, they become users of drugs and alcohol to stop the severe
mental pain they feel. Rape &  Promiscuity, has already destroyed self esteem, & self
confidence.  I believe Sex abuse creates habitual liars because one is forced to  
repeated lying, at a very early age, about the abuse, to the point where they do not
know fact from fiction.  This is why they lie about their lies, they have been
threatened to the worse degree, death if they tell the truth about the rape.  
As adults they are mostly arrogant,act superior when in fact it is inferiority,
they feel inferior to almost everyone. They get into occupations which enables
them to have total control over people, such as policemen, they want to control
as they were controlled & abused.  When  a dad talks on a phone to a daughter,
about how much they love each other, analyze each word, each facial expression
what she is saying is typical of an abused daughter, and what he was saying is
typical of an abuser/rapist dad.   A victim of sexual abuse by a dad, depending
on the severity and the severity of threats, such as killing the victim, her
mother, brother, grandparents or whomever the child deeply loves, which
creates such fear it gives the abuser total control of that person forever, they
never can  mentally or physically break away. The victim is so accustomed to
lying to  protect the dad one will lie about any subject to protect the abuser
& will continue forever to protect him. Because it is been so embedded into the brain,
from an early age, to deny, deny, deny, lie, lie, lie, protect, protect, protect, and such fear of
the truth overcomes rational thinking.    This is how
the abuser makes a forcible attempt to induce the victim to give up one's basic social or
religious beliefs, rights, & attitudes, and they must accept contrasting regimented ideas
against their own beliefs.  If they do not accept they must fear for their life. Complete
confusion for a child but the fear instilled in them to protect the abuser is, forever, it is
as if the child is permanently hypnotized and will do anything she is told to do by the abuser
all of her life.

I have found a very high percentage of all Pathological liars have been sexually abused, male
or female this is why the problem occurred, this is why they lie about their lies. At present
Dr's & Scientist do not have enough knowledge to give an exact evaluation on sexual (rapist)
abuse of one raping one's own child and grandchild, however, ALL whom are sexually abused
by mother or dad are accomplished liars, and become abusers, all of the abused will abuse,
therefore it is ongoing. Most all children whom are raped by a dad are continuously protective
of the dad & will always lie for him. The more severely they are abused the more they
suppress the facts & lie.  One of the most confused females with
whom I have spoken, told me her dad raped her daily and her brother, and the brother
brought all of his friends in to have sex with her, from the time she was 9, her brother was 16.

Abused people honestly do not know when they are lying and when they are telling the
truth. They become enraged if a person questions their honesty. They have been taught
to lie and threatened beyond one's ability to imagine the fear instilled in the abused to
prevent them from telling anyone the truth about what has happened. A few of the
things they are told, the abuser always selects the one thing that is very important
to the victim, that they love deeply and with whom they feel secure, such as a
grand parent, mother, sister, brother and the rapist (abuser) will make horrific
frightful, formidable statements to that child to make them so fearful they lie and lie
until it is becomes a habit and as they are maturing they eventually do not know
the difference from a lie or the truth, what is fact and what is fiction.  They prefer to lie,
because this is what they were taught to do.  
They do not know if they are being dishonest, and depending on the age it began,
by the time they are 11/12 years of age they rarely tell the truth.  They automatically
lie rather than tell the truth. The abuser will also threaten to take their toys that they love,
such as a doll, teddy bear, blanket, book, etc. anything that makes them secure, or could
cause him to lose control of the victim.  The abuser takes security away from them
minute by minute, he does not want  the victim to feel secure. If they felt secure chances
are they would discuss the abuse with another person.  Sexually Abused females
or males have been stripped of all dignity and self esteem by the abuser.

Children are so abused, verbally, mentally, physically & sexually it has become an
epidemic and vital that all people become aware of its affects. It is one of the most
destructive things that happens in this country, most drug & alcoholics are
from an abused environment. Promiscuity becomes a severe problem as well. The
jails are full of sexually abused men & women, mostly men. There is NO accurate
documentation on this, but about 90% of white dads or step dads sexually
abuse their sons and/or daughters, about 98% of black dads.  ALL Mexicans &
Muslims sexually abuse their children, or I will add I have never found one that
didn't.  I had a black social worker do research on black dads, and she believes it is
100%, including herself I have done in-depth research & polls and people do not
believe or want to believe the truth, it is so shocking. This is a problem in our
country which is absolutely necessary it be solved.  Incidentally the most we could
find out about PRIEST they abuse, mostly little boys, it is about 88% but the 12%
I feel safe in assuming, lied. The sexually abused are always abusers, no exceptions.
Priests manipulate, control & destroy, equally as much as when it happens with a dad.
I do agree with the severe psychological problems created by sexual abuse and
there is no exception.   Much more research should be done on this subject. Dads
should be required to take a polygraph test so the truth will come out.

This is one of the largest problems with psychologically overcoming sexual abuse,
abused children are taught to fear consequences, lie and under no circumstances
disclose what has happened. The brain is battered & damaged by the repeated
blows of sexual abuse so severely as to disfigure, they live with this
horrific act & deep emotions each day of their lives for many years, and  
most times it is ongoing, never stops.