What is the purpose of incandescent bulbs being out lawed?

To save taxpayers money?
It is obvious to US POOR TAXPAYERS, the GOVERNMENT, for many years has not
done anything to save us money, otherwise our National Debt would not be 18
trillion dollars, and they would REFUSE to ask the taxpayer to buy them one (1)
MUFFIN for $16.00.
If we good American Women had known you wanted muffins we would have baked
them, even taken them to DC  to you, and
saved the taxpayer money.  This would
have made the poor taxpayer
Proud of the "Spendthrifts" in our Gov.,
instead of despising them, and wanting them out of office.


This is green fascism, at its worst,
spouting nonsense and poisoning us along the way
A political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race, and stands for
a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and
social regimentation & forcible suppression of opposition.

Now you are asking us to commit suicide, by using this Fluorescent Lighting.
This isn't change, this is murder.  Perhaps Obama has made a deal with China. We did not
know what you meant when you first told us that our lighting was going to be changed.
WE did not know it was a death sentence!
The same when  Obama ask for change, but we did not know what he meant, change from
Capitalism to Socialism and Communism.  For Black Americans change back to Slavery,
definitely a change, and one we do not need as we do not need him as our President.

So why is our simple little light being outlawed? It is so simple and sweet how could they kill
it? Could it be because they are making  illegal  money on this corrupt project?
Many Senators & Representatives are owned and operated by corruption such
as this, and they do not care if it benefits the country, or  taxpayer, they only
think of their personal financial gain.

We must stop the corrupt illegal activity by being careful for whom we vote.  
Know the candidate before you mark the X beside his name. That type of lighting
will cost taxpayers  Billions of dollars in health care costs, alone, and
Billions more
in  disposal of the bulbs, you must think,  long term, not just for today & tomorrow.
WE are disgusted & horrified, of what you are doing!  You are arousing fear, fear that
something is or will go wrong, apprehension, hoping to demean the other party
so you can get a vote, this is mentally sick, and non productive for the people.  It
is all a waste of money which is already astronomical.  

Taxpayers are objecting to buying your expensive lunches and dinners, expensive
wine, that you do not need.  Eat the grapes instead, the health benefits are better, it cost
less, and saves your brain cells. Then you have the ability to think, and when you think
you can save money, my money,"You Know," all taxpayers money.   

Why aren't you honest and tell The American People the  truth  about many things that
directly have a detrimental  effect on all of us. Alcohol is one of the many things where
the truth is not disclosed, and what it does to everything it touches.  It destroys
marriages, professions, creates mental & physical abuse to women & children.
Sexual abuse to many children, mental issues, and about 60% of people on
welfare, and  are directly connected to drugs and alcohol.  It has many
adverse effects on the whole country, especially financially.  Congress
fails to take  counteractive measures to correct these problems  because
of how much revenue would be lost if all the alcohol consumption
slowed  by 50%, therefore, it is not encouraged.

HARD TO BELIEVE, it is the same with Cancer.  I was told by one of our geniuses in DC,
"If Cancer were cured it would destroy our economy, it is big business and when a cure
is found  it must be done over a long period of time, it must be introduced gradually,
so our economy will not be disrupted or destroyed."   

However, this is how People in our Gov fail to throughly evaluate and understand
everything before them, which needs attention  They can prevent more
complicated problems  for the future, but don't, because of fear
of losing a vote & the truth about an issue surfacing!  

It can be compared to the Fluorescent light bulb, you have not thought of the facts, how
much more it cost, to manufacture, cost of disposal, and health cost increases, health
insurance, cost of clean up in a house, business, hospital or everywhere they are
used because of the mercury, if accidentally broken.  ARE they shoving these
lights down our throats, simply because a few selected political people want
to make millions on this project, and are pushing it through.  
Repeal the Bill if you honestly want to save money.

With comprehensive thought you will know that it is impossible to save any money on this
type of lighting, do some research on this subject.   I believe this bill is a death certificate
to many 1000's of people, especially Fetuses, Seniors and  Children under 6 years of age.
We must have more people in DC that  care about our health, and evaluate it from a
more intelligent prospective.  ALCOHOL, all illegal drugs, including prescription &
fluorescent lighting,  can kill or destroy our health in some manner.

Our political leaders in D.C.  do not have the ability to think beyond NOW. They must begin
thinking of our future and learn the many things which can create revenue rather than
something that destroys our health.  NOW, some of these politicians are thinking of
legalizing Marijuana, another way to destroy the brain & health.
They think of the legal expenses incurred because of Marijuana, but lack the
intelligence to realize that health expenses will be 10 times greater.
Before making final decisions, on all, or any issue.
"Think,         Think,          Think!
To Whatever Degree IF One is a DRUG USER: e.g.
if they did there would not be any DISEASES or OBESITY!

Fact: Marijuana smoking affects the brain and leads to impaired
short-term memory,  perception,  judgment and motor skills.
Q: How does marijuana affect the brain?
A: THC affects the nerve cells in the part of the brain where memories are
formed. This makes it hard for the user to recall recent events (such as
what happened a few minutes ago).  IT is hard to learn while high on DRUGS.
A working short-term memory is required for learning, and performing tasks
that call for more than one or two steps.  People in that study group also
found it very hard to focus their attention on the tests given to them.
[Is this what has happened to our Political People managing our COUNTRY?]
I believe about 90% of American People are using some kind of Drug,
which will be the destruction tf our wonderful Country.
Among a group of long-time heavy marijuana users in Costa Rica,
researchers found that the people had great trouble when asked to recall a
short list of words (a standard test of memory). People in that study group
also found it very hard to focus their attention on the tests given to them.
Pay special attention  to those whom advocate Marijuana as  a cure, for whatever their
health problem, most are drug users.  This also includes those in Congress and even
a President. Everyone  must learn that drugs do not cure, they destroy. Marijuana
users have problems talking and are very slow thinking, slowed brain function, eyelids
barely stay open, slurred speech, dilated pupils, and they believe this is a cure.  This is
pathetic and more pathetic to even think our Government, may legalize it.  They are
addicted to the drug, and use of this usually leads to a stronger drug. Think of the
cost of a cure for any drug use, and all of these weak minded people whom have
Psychological problems now, will become users. This will create 1000s more
users, and thousands more problems & BILLIONS of more
wasted dollars,
The same as Fluorescent Lighting.
Prevention is always better than cure.  
If problems are prevented
it saves Billions,

Compact fluorescent light bulbs, long touted by environmentalists as a more
efficient and longer-lasting alternative to the incandescent bulbs that have
lighted homes for more than a century, are running into resistance from
waste industry officials and some environmental scientists, who warn
that the bulbs’ poisonous innards pose a bigger threat to health
and the environment than previously thought.

Fluorescents,  the squiggly coiled bulbs, that generate light by heating gases
in a glass tube, are generally considered to use more than 50 percent
less energy and to last several times longer than incandescent bulbs.

When fluorescent bulbs first hit store shelves several years ago, consumers
complained about the loud noise they made, their harsh light, their bluish
color, their clunky shape and the long time it took for them to warm up.
Since then, the bulbs, known as CFLs,  have been revamped, and strict
government guidelines have alleviated most of those problems, but while
the bulbs are extremely energy-efficient, one serious  problem has not gone away

All CFLs contain Mercury, a  Neurotoxin,  (a poisonous protein complex
that acts on the nervous system), which can cause
We have enough Brain Damage in our Country from DRUGS and ABUSE.

were inhaling into their lungs, because of Fluorescent Light Bulbs, when
the World Trade center was destroyed by MUSLIMS, "You know,"   Muslim,
same as
Barrack Hussein Obama.  One of the main reasons for all the cancer
outbreaks and lung diseases, was because of the  
 MERCURY    from those
"inexpensive lights" in that dust.    The amount is tiny,
about 5 milligrams,
or barely enough to cover the tip of a pen,
 but that is enough to
contaminate up to
6,000 gallons of water beyond safe drinking levels,
extrapolated from Stanford University research on mercury.
Even the latest lamps promoted as “low-mercury” can contaminate more than
1,000 gallons of water beyond safe levels.  There is no disputing that overall,
fluorescent bulbs save energy and reduce pollution in general.
An average incandescent bulb lasts about 800 to 1,500 hours; a spiral
fluorescent bulb can last as long as 10,000 hours. In just more than a year, since
the beginning of 2007
, 9 million fluorescent bulbs have been purchased in
California, preventing the release of 1.5 billion pounds of carbon dioxide
compared with traditional bulbs, according to the U.S.
Environmental  Protection Agency.  
“Using them actually reducesoverall emissions to the environment, even
though they containminuscule amounts of mercury in themselves,”
said Mark Kohorst, senior manager for environment, health and safety for the
National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

Public, agencies ill-informed of risks.  As long as the mercury is
contained in the bulb, CFLs are perfectly safe.  But eventually, any bulb
— even CFLs —BREAK,  GET BROKEN  or BURN OUT, or defective when
purchased.    Most consumers simply throw them out in the trash, said
Ellen Silbergeld,a professor of environmental health sciences at
Johns Hopkins University and editor of the journal Environmental Research.
“This is an enormous amount of mercury that’s going to enter the
waste stream at present with no preparation for it.”

Manufacturers and the EPA say broken CFLs should be handled carefully
and recycled to limit dangerous vapors and the spread of mercury dust. But
guidelines for how to do that can be difficult to find, as Brandy Bridges
of Ellsworth, Maine, discovered.
“It was just a wiggly bulb that I reached up to change,” Bridges
said.“When the bulb hit the floor, it shattered.”  When Bridges
began calling around
to local government agencies to find out
what to do, “I was shocked to see
how uninformed literally
everyone I spoke to was,” she said.
“Even ourown poison control operator did not know what
to tell me.”  The state eventually referred her to a private  clean-    
up firm, which quoted a$2,000 estimate to contain the mercury.

After Bridges complained publicly about her predicament, state officials
changed their recommendation:  Simply throw it in the trash, they said.
Break a bulb?  That was the wrong answer

Five steps for cleanup  according to the EPA.  It offers a detailed,
11-step procedure you should follow: Air out the room for a quarter of an hour.
Wear gloves. Double-bag the refuse. Use duct tape to lift the residue from
a carpet.   Don’t use a vacuum cleaner, as that will only spread the problem.
The next
time you vacuum the area, immediately dispose of the vacuum bag.

To continue advising use of this lighting is insanity!  Ask yourself,
if you accidentally drop a bulb and break it and you have a young child
and it kills or destroys the brain functioning, is the money you saved worth it?
if the affected person ends up in a hospital, it not only has cost you an
unhealthy condition,  but 1000's & 1000's of DOLLARS,  

In general, however, the EPA endorses the use of fluorescent bulbs, citing their
energy savings.  Silbergeld also does not discourage their use because
of their energy savings, but she said the EPA could be sending mixed signals
to confused consumers .“It’s kind of ironic that on the one hand, the agency
is saying, ‘Don’t worry,it’s a very small amount of mercury.’ Then they
have a  whole page of
[instructions]  how to handle the situation if you
break one,”she said.  Limited options for safe recycling!

The disposal problem does not end there. Ideally, broken bulbs and their
remains should be recycled at a facility approved to handle fluorescent
lamps, but such facilities are not common. California is one of only seven

states —Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin are the
others,that ban disposing of fluorescent bulbs as general waste. And yet,
qualified recycling facilities are limited to about one per county.  In other
states, collection of CFLs is  conducted only at certain times of the year,
twice annually in the District of Columbia, for example, and only once a year
in most o fGeorgia.In fact, qualified places to recycle CFLs are so few
that the largest recyclers of  fluorescent bulbs in America is,
Ikea, the furniture chain.

“I think there’s going to be hundreds of millions of [CFLs] in landfills all over the
country,” said Leonard Worth, head of Fluorecycle
, Inc. of
Ingleside, Ill., a certified facility. Once in a landfill, bulbs are likely to shatter
even if they’re packaged properly, said the Solid Waste Association of North
America. From there, mercury can leach into soil and groundwater and
its vapors can spread through the air, potentially exposing workers

to toxic levels of the poison.

Industry working on safer bulbs.
Kohorst, of the electrical manufacturers group, acknowledged that disposal was
a complex problem. But he said fluorescent bulbs were so energy-efficient that
it was worth the time and money needed to make them completely safe.
“These are a great product, and they’re going to continue solving our energy problems,
and gradually we’re going to find a solution to their disposal, as well,” Kohorst said.  My
suggestion to save energy, "Is stop wasting it," turn off about
25 of those lights at night that you do not need

In the meantime, manufacturers of incandescent bulbs are not going down
without a fight.General Electric Corp., the world’s largest maker of traditional

bulbs, said that  by 2010, it hoped to have on the market a new high-efficiency
incandescent bulb that will be four times as efficient as today’s 125-year-old
technology . Have NOT SEEN IT, it is 2011 isn't it?  It said that such bulbs
would closely rival fluorescent bulbs for efficiency, with no mercury.
( is a joint venture of Microsoft Corp. and NBC Universal, which
is a division of General Electric.) IF the disposal problem is to be solved, speed
would appear to be necessary and called for

Consumers bought more than 300 million CFLs last year, according
to industry figures, but they may be simply trading one problem
(low energy-efficiency) for another hazardous materials
by the millions of pounds going right into the earth)

Worth, of Fluorecycle said,
“One lamp, so what? Ten lamps, so what?
A million lamps, well that’s something,”

“A hundred million lamps?
Now, that’s a whole different ballgame.



Low energy light bulbs contain toxic materials, cost more to make, and cost
more to dispose of. Some WILL get broken in people's houses, leaving
mercury contamination. We heat our houses anyway, so what's the
problem  with the extra heat from a tungsten filament, non-toxic,
cheap to make,cheap to dispose of, recyclable bulb & metal screw?

We must recover from the  gov our ability to think and do research on
whatever they say and do our own thinking because about 85% of
everything Our Congress, & President tell us, are blatant lies.
Fluorescent bulbs do not save money.  They can kill you.  THEY are one of
the most dangerous things you have in your house and time consuming, if
one is broken, and they will be broken regardless of how careful you are.
A small amount of water splashed on them they almost explode and will
create leakage of Mercury.  

Most of the states have an average temperature that is cool or cold rather
than warm, an incandescent light gives off about 99.5% more heat than
fluorescent. I  did a simple experiment with 2 same size bathrooms; I turned
the heat off in the house for 2 days on a very cold day and put
Fluorescent, in one, and Incandescent in another, the bathroom with
incandescent was about 60 degrees, and the other one with
fluorescent was the same temperature as the rest of the house 40
degrees. This was 2,  75 watt bulbs in the warm bathroom, very
little cost, the extra heat saves more, in the heating bill.
If compared to death from mercury  exposure, or cost of cure which
would be thousands, not considering the physical &  mental trauma the
OLD  BULB is very cheap, and HEALTHY.
Mercury Danger in New Fluorescent Bulbs

Is this what we get for going

Under new regulations for hazardous waste, councils are obliged to recycle
them. At present, they should be placed in special bins also used for
batteries at a council dump. But in future, councils will have to provide
a collection service or install special recycling banks for the bulbs.

There are fears that without a proper disposal system, the mercury content
could contaminate water supplies.  But disposing of one municipal
recycling bin full of bulbs costs about £650 each time, adding to
fears of higher council tax bills.  Higher costs in all aspects of
that lighting, Higher costs to treat mercury contaminated water,
higher taxcosts for disposal, and how many will one bin hold, for
$650?  1,2,3 or 4 thousand, and in  a city with 2 million people how
many bulbs will  be disposed of in a period of a month and how many
bulbs can be placed in the one container?

Ministers hope that using the more environmentally friendly
bulbs will save at least five million tons of carbon dioxide
emissions every year.  The bulbs are due to become
compulsory in homes in four years.  Campaigners are calling for
an opt-out so that people with health
problems can still use old-style bulbs.
Others are thinking of hoarding the familiar pear-shaped bulbs
so that they can keep on using them even after they have
disappeared from the shops.
Independent environmental scientist Dr David Spurgeon warned yesterday:
"Because these light bulbs contain small amounts of mercury, they could
cause a problem if disposed of in a normal bin.
"It is possible that the mercury could be released into the air or from land-fill
when they are released into the wider environment. That is a concrn, because
mercury is  a well-known toxic substance."
And dermatologist Dr John Hawk, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that
some people already find it difficult to tolerate the fluorescent-strip lighting
that is widely used in schools and offices, which works in the same way
as the eco-friendly bulbs.    He said: "Fluorescent lights seem to have some
sort of ionizing characteristic where they affect the air around them.
"This does affect a certain number of people, probably tens of thousands, in
Britain, whose ailments flare up just by being close to them.
"Certain forms of eczema?  Some of which are very common? Do flare up badly
anywhere near fluorescent lights, so these people have to just be around
incandescent (old-style) lighting.

"Americans will have to purchase either compact fluorescent bulbs — known
as CFLs — halogens, or light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
All three cost significantly more than incandescent bulbs, although they last
longer. Many people don’t like the light cast by CFLs — the cheapest of the
three — and they must be disposed of at special recycling centers because
they contain mercury. They also pose a danger if broken in the home.
I believe there is an emission of mercury at all times, when the light is on.
Another factor to consider: Incandescent bulbs are made in the United States,
while almost all CFLs are made in China. ,
according to Furchtgott-Roth.
She concludes:
“Consumers should be free, in my opinion, to choose the
light bulbs they prefer.
Diseases Developed because of Mercury exposure, or Fluorescent Lighting,
this is just the beginning. The longer one is exposed to the Mercury the
more intense  damages  become.

Could it also cause, AUTISM?

A young woman with a 1 yr.  old  child said he had begun to squint often, and stare in space,
as if I were not with him.  She took him to his Pediatrician, he said give it a couple of months,
possibly he will outgrow it, come back and we will do some testing, at this time I do not find any
thing wrong.   She began to tell me how much she had spent about 6 months prior on new lighting  
and hoped it was worth all the extra money, there is not much info on this subject.   I told her to go
home remove every fluorescent light in her house and perhaps this will help, she was hesitant but
said she had saved her old bulbs and would try it.    Two weeks later she called and her baby had
almost stopped squinting but he still did not give enough attention to his surroundings.  I
suggested she open her windows for at least 2 hours daily and get the mercury out of her
house because I believed that was the problem, no one seems to know how much Mercury
seeps from these lights if any, but in view of the fact Mercury causes brain damage, I do not
want to take the chance,
DO YOU?  The woman took her child back to the Pediatrician about
21/2 months after her other visit and they did many tests, and told her it was likely beginning
stages of Autism, she was crying and frantic when she called me.  I said are you positive all of
the fluorescent lights are out of your house and she said I left one in his room because he
seemed to stare at it and enjoy it.  I said, "I do not know if this is the problem but if there is
any possibility, do not take a  chance."  Six weeks later she called and said  it's amazing,
he's more alert.  Two months later she called me back and said, "He seems as normal as
before all of this began."  With that in mind I am beginning to believe
Fluorescent lighting may
be the main reason for Autism.
 I have asked 2 Universities & NIH if they could get funding
to do a study.  I will suggest to all mothers if they have a child which they believe may have
Autistic signs, remove all those lights from your house and see if it cures the problem,
you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying it.

In addition, I had two men, AGES 38 & 45, who told me they were beginning to have memory
problems, & headaches, and did not understand why, because they had always had an excellent
memory,  They read materials & studied 2-3 hours daily sitting near lamps with Fluorescent light
bulbs.     I suggested they remove all Fluorescent lighting from their houses to see if there were
improvement.   Within 4 months
 their memory was retuning to normal and headaches stopped
after 2 months, with both men.

With all the emphasis on "greening" the office, debate continues
about the potential health hazards and drawbacks of fluorescent
lighting in the workplace.
Studies by many major organizations, including the Canadian Center for Occupational
Safety and Hazards, agree that many office workers are often adversely affected by
fluorescent fixtures. Office managers can take st
eps to address these problems and
worker comfort.

Is it Safe?
The jury is still out on whether fluorescent lighting directly causes blatant injuries in
workers. So far, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration  (
OSHA) maintains
that fluorescent lights do not cause "injuries." But numerous academic
and industrial studies nevertheless indicate that fluorescent lighting may cause
many other undesirable reactions in workers.  A study conducted in 1989 by researchers
Wilkins, Nimmo-Smith, Slater and Bedocs
showed that fluorescent
lights cause headaches and eyestrain in most workers.

Natural Light vs. Fluorescent
The signature "glow" of fluorescent lighting is created by sending an electrical charge
through a special gas enclosed within the fluorescent light tube. This glow, which is "cold"
compared to the rather "hot" burn of an incandescent bulb, gives off light
that often falls into the blue-green end of the spectrum. It is a color that is very
different from the spectrum color of natural sunlight or incandescent lamps.
The problem with this blue spectrum light is that it is so completely unnatural
and may likely affect mood in human beings. Exposure to fluorescent lighting
over long periods of time has been known to cause depression.
The Wilkins-Nimmo study showed that employees exposed to
natural sunlight suffered far less depression than employees
exposed to fluorescent lights during the work day. The blue
nature of fluorescent lighting is also unflattering to human skin
tones and other objects, causing a subtle but perceptible problem
in human interactions and simple functions like eating during breaks.

The Flicker Effect
Because of their construction, fluorescent light fixtures flicker on and off very rapidly
during normal operation. While this flickering is not obvious to most workers it is
a modulation that is noted by the brain on a subconscious level. This flickering
effect is believed to cause "fluorescent light headaches," tension and even hostility
in workers in the same way flickering lights often cause bad reactions in people suffering
from epilepsy. The flickering also syncs badly with computer screens
causing harmful glare; many IT departments recommend turning off overhead fluorescent
lights during heavy computer work or switching to LCD type
monitors to avoid flicker sync problems.

The Green Dilemma
While it is true that fluorescent lights are less expensive to operate than incandescent
lights and are more environmentally friendly, every office must consider the tradeoff
between worker comfort and safety and energy savings. One way to "stay green"
and make the office better for workers to is care for fluorescent lighting fixtures
in a very proactive manner. Change lamps and ballasts more frequently. Waiting
until the lamp or ballast completely fails means exposing employees to the
flickering effect for even longer periods of time. Use "warmer" fluorescent
tubes and, if this is not possible, color correct fixtures with lighting color
media gels. Provide incandescent "breaks" throughout the office, including
the lunch room or conference room.
Read more: Problems With Fluorescent Lighting in an Office | http://www.ehow.

Fluorescent Lighting
It is well known in the Holistic Medicine community that regular exposure to fluorescent
lighting can cause or contribute to health problems.   Many years ago, I studied the
work of Dr. John Ott. He was a pioneer in the study of the health effects of lighting
and magnetic & electric fields on plants and animals. He conducted many studies
on plants and humans showing adverse health effects.

Dr. Ott conducted research using natural lighting in a chicken house that produced
outstanding results. He installed special radiation-shielded, full-spectrum lights in schools
to show a significant reduction in behavioral problems, learning
disabilities, and academic improvement. (See Academic Therapy, Volume 10,
No. 1, 1973. Also, see the comparison between a well-designed study and a
poorly design, industry-sponsored study in Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, Volume
6, No. 3, 1978.) Some of the causes of health problems from regular, extended exposure to
fluorescent light could include:
Lack of shielding for certain types of radiation (e.g., x-rays) given off.
Spectrum of fluorescent light is far different than natural lighting. Lack of natural
levels of ultra-violet light exposure from fluorescent lighting.
Regular, extended exposure to fluorescent lighting has been implicated in other disorders
as well. In the Volume 7, 1985 Special Subject Issue of "The International Journal of Bio
social Research", the work of John Ott was discussed in more detail. Case histories were
presented showing the how the lack of natural lighting and/or exposure to fluorescent
lighting might contribute to health conditions such as infertility, tumors, etc.
More recent research has shown the importance of light on the Pineal Gland
which affects the brain and hormonal system. Because of this, one should
expect that regular, extended exposures to fluorescent lighting may
contribute to serious health problems, both physically & mentally.

At first, Dr. Ott's work was ridiculed (as innovative work often is). Later in his career he
received an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Loyola University and the Grand
Honors Award of the National Eye Research Foundation. Much of Dr. Ott's research was
detailed in the books, Health and Light : The Effects of Natural and Artificial Light on
Man and Other Living Things and Light, Radiation, and You How to Stay Healthy.

Exposure to natural lighting and avoidance of fluorescent lighting can be enormously
healing for some people. For others, it should be considered a good way to help prevent
the development of chronic health problems. The Ott Biolight Systems web page is a
commercial web site which includes some additional information about health and lighting.

Fluorescent Flicker Problems
Fluorescent lights have a number of great advantages over incandescent bulbs. They are
much more efficient, so they use less energy. They also last about thirteen times longer, so
you don’t have to change them out that often. That is a huge ergonomic advantage.With
the wide spread availability of compact fluorescent bulbs you
can actually use fluorescent everywhere. Not only can the use of flourescents
help the environment, they are also cheaper to operate. But there are some
draw backs that should be considered when using fluorescent lights. The sole
use of fluorescent lights can have some negative ergonomic and health effects on you.

Fluorescent lights are gas filled tubes. The gas gets excited by electric pulses and emits
light. The item responsible for exciting the gas is called a ballast. Ballasts
send pulses of electricity. These pulses turn the light on and off quite fast. The
rate of these pulses is quite high, high enough that you don’t see it. But that
doesn’t mean you don’t notice it. Some people have sensitivity to this flicker.
They perceive the variations in intensity of the light source and it messes
up their system. Those who are affected by flicker often suffer from:

Fluorescent Green Tint
Fluorescent bulbs are filled with gas. Each gas gives off a particular color of light (think
neon signs). Fluorescent lights are known for their green tint. That is not always the most
ergonomic light to use.
Poor lighting color can cause quite a few health problems like:
Eye Strain
Eye Discomfort
Poor Visual Communication on Color Specific Items
Use a broader spectrum fluorescent bulb. A daylight or full spectrum bulb uses a
combination of gases to create a whiter light.
Combine an incandescent light with your fluorescent lighting to even out the color.
Replace bulbs regularly. Older bulbs are not as bright.

Fluorescent Winter Blues
The winter blues, or seasonal affective disorder, often occurs to people in the winter time.
One possible reason for contracting the winter blues is a lack of light. Your body needs
sunlight. During the gray skied winter months a lot of that light is blocked and the body
responds in a negative way.
Some people report similar symptoms when they work inside under fluorescent lights and
don’t get outside in the sun during the day enough. Without the daylight spectrum certain
body functions may not be instigated or supported properly and the body responds in a
negative way.
Use a broader spectrum fluorescent bulb. A daylight or full spectrum bulb uses a
combination of gases to increase the light spectrum emitted.
Take a break and get outside for a few minutes, or refuse to be exposed to anything this
detrimental to one's health, MERCURY.

Light Bulb Repeal Bill Stalls in Congress

A bill to repeal the banning of ordinary incandescent light bulbs is bottled up in a
congressional committee despite Americans’ apparent distaste for the more expensive
bulbs that would replace them. The 100-watt incandescent bulb is scheduled to be outlawed
in January 2012, the 75-watt bulb will disappear in January 2013, and the 60-watt and 40-watt
bulbs in January 2014.
The bill banning the bulbs, which use more energy than newer bulbs, was introduced
in 2007 by then Rep. Jane Harman, a California Democrat, and Rep. Fred Upton,
a Michigan Republican, and signed by President George W. Bush in December
2007.Upton is now chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee,
lobbying Republicans for the post he vowed to repeal the section of the 2007
bill that bans incandescent bulbs.  We have heard the grass roots loud and clear,
“The last thing we wanted to do was infringe upon personal liberties, and this
has been a good lesson that Congress does not always know best.”
In January, Texas Republican Rep. Joe Barton proposed the Better Use of Light Bulb
(BULB) act, which would cancel the phase-out of incandescent bulbs. The bill has 62
co-sponsors, 61 of them Republicans, and a companion bill in the Senate has 28
co-sponsors.  But Upton’s committee has not yet held a hearing on the bill, and
“House Republican leadership has demonstrated no interest in bringing the Barton
bill to the floor,” Diana Furchtgott-Roth, an adjunct fellow at the Manhattan Institute,
writes in Real Clear Markets.
Calls to repeal the incandescent light bulb ban are
coming from consumers, who prefer incandescent lamps."
The warnings cast a shadow over Government plans to begin phasing
out traditional tungsten lights this month.

I spoke with Rep. Upton's, Michigan (R), office and was told they are working on it
and the girl with whom I spoke was most helpful, encouraging, and informative.
Hopefully it will be REPEALED?

In my opinion? There are 100's of health reasons not to have FLUORESCENT lighting, too
expensive, rather than saving money the over all costs are about double and if you consider
the health costs it is about 2000 times more expensive.  I was talking with an insurance
agent, and he said his insurance company would have to raise prices, because it is
impossible not to break some bulbs,   When broken, Mercury escapes which can
cause serious injuries and remain in the air that one breathes.  If one leaves water
or any liquid sitting in a glass, or opened bottle,  it will contaminate it.
Health Insurance companies are aware of the serious threats and will price
accordingly, COST of INSURANCE RISES Continuously breathing small
amounts of Mercury, will cause serious  damage to the,

However, as long as we are owned and operated by our
Government, Lobbyists,  & Pharmaceutical Companies
Such Bills, as the fluorescent lights will be passed.   Prescription drugs and many other
bills which show lack of concern for The People,  knowing there is no  benefit, and very harmful.  
Most political leaders  are not concerned, and it is for personal monetary reasons, and votes.    
All people must take control instead of allowing the gov to control them, by doing their own
thinking out a issue,  Drug companies  brainwash people to use prescription drugs through
advertising.  The people must STOP allowing that to happen, these companies will suggest
you take anything if it will make them money. As a Professor said,
"Yes, my brain has a mind of its own,"  
and all of us must learn to live thinking those same thoughts.   We must speak up and
voice our opinion, support our beliefs, have no fear, do not be a coward,  
Representatives,  Senators and  President,