The Devil In Disguise
Isn't this your picture ?
Mr. Hussein Obama
If you are considering voting for Obama,
listen to or read the lyrics in this song.
Pull them up on the  computer.
" You're The Devil In Disguise."

Weren't you also referring to women when you
made that jealous, envious, mentally sick statement,
"You didn't do it, you did not build that business, you had help."

What have you done to help women?
Give $9. a month birth control  pills which cost the working
woman, not the welfare/food stamps person whom contributes
nothing, but the taxpayer a $100. a month increase in her
health insuance.
Haven't you misled the American Black Race by
pretending you are from the Black Race?
Barack Hussein Obama,
don't Muslims "
Stone Their Women to Death,"   
IF they do not obey the man's orders?  Are these your
plans to help  AMERICAN WOMEN?  


I'll vote for a GOOD AMERICAN MAN,
Such as ROMNEY & RYAN. Women you must ask yourself
had you rather have an honest man or a cheating lying
man, you do have a choice.  Didn't Obama say women are
stupid? If a person is stupid they will believe anything he
tells them, he relys on this to get votes. Don't be
scammed by a CON MAN!   He will tell you anything to
get what he wants, your vote and  reelected.  
Doesn't he prove daily he hates WOMEN, and our COUNTRY?



Obama lied about being a Christian & lied about being a
Muslim read the info below and tell me what you think !  
Is he a liar, Muslim, Christian, or just a lying nothing, a phony?
Obama's Kenyan birth father:  In Islam, religion passes from
the father to the child. Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. (1936&-1982) was a
Muslim who named his boy Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Only Muslim
children are named Hussein.  Most Muslims hate America,
OBAMA is no exception, my opinion.  Isn't he going to his dad's grave  
kneeling down and telling him he will get revenge on these Americans?
Didn't he instill this hatred for Americans in Obama? This includes Blacks,
you are also American. Muslims are taught to hate America,
and want to destroy America as we have traditionally known it, they
want the United States to retreat in the War on Terror, and they
all want to make over the United States into a
marxist/socialist/collective nation that is much
more inclined toward and conducive to their own ideological goals.
And yes, they all, friends, mentors and advisors, supported & endorsed,
BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, unfortunately, President of the United States.
>YES<    we were all taken in by his    >LIES.<  
Do not make the same mistake twice.
Along with Obama's own core ideology, which dove tails with all
of these individuals and groups, this says all you need to know
about the man. You can and should, in part judge a man or
woman by the company they keep. Perhaps this explains
Obama's actions in not saluting the US Flag during the
National Anthem,and his refusal to wear a US flag pin on his
lapel during the initial part of his campaign. Would a real Muslim
ever wear or be allowed to wear an American Flag, or pledge
allegiance to the American flag, NO, isn't this why Obama did not
wear a flag or salute the flag?  Obama's own campaign
election website had the following on it about his upbringing:
Barack Obama is not and has never been a Muslim, followed by: Obama
never prayed in a mosque. He has never been a Muslim, was not raised a
Muslim. OUTRIGHT LIES. He Is a Muslim, he has prayed in a Mosque.
anyone interested in researching Obama's background, can learn the
truth.  We as citizens in this Republic have a de facto responsibility
in which everyone should take interest. Did or did not Obama recite the
Islamic call to prayer from memory in an interview?  Yes, he did!  Was
or was not Obama registered in his elementary school classes as a
Muslim requiring that he study Islamic principles and the Koran
each day? (vital that you do research on KORAN, you will be shocked).
Obama's half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng explained to Jodi Kantor of the
New York Times:  My whole family was Muslim, and most of the
people I knew were Muslim.  An Indonesian publication, the
Banjarmasin Post reports a former classmate,Rony Amir, recalling
that, all the relatives of Barry's father were very devout Muslims.  As
Barack Obama's candidacy comes under increasing scrutiny, his
account of his religious upbringing deserves careful attention for
what it tells us about the candidate's integrity & personality.

Read about the psychological aspects of his outrageous behavior.
BECAUSE HE IS BLACK, it is because he
lies and lies and lies, and his
abusive,  demeaning remarks about good American Men.  All he is trying to
do is bring people's opinion of these wonderful men down to the level he
thinks of himself, It is called "Projection of One's Own Emotions."  
("Know Thyself," and he does.)
Click on OBAMA 3,  if you want to know the facts about his personality,
or do you want our country destroyed and lose our freedom?
All of you whom have been in jail know what it is like to lose FREEDOM!
Is this what you want? This is what you will have if you help elect Obama.

He demands Romney show his tax returns!  We must demand that
he show his college info, ~transcripts~ Wasn't he on a scolarship from a
foreign country while attending Columbia & Harvard?  I want answers and the
American People want & deserve the truth, we must ask these questions and
demand answers and then give him a polygraph test , also a drug test!
Doesn't his actions & words show  abnormal behavior?